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My experience with Remitly is a Machiavellian experience, evil, a complete nightmare, if you want a similar experience just try to open an account with Remitly and try to send a little money, for a family member so you can see how Remitly magically turns your life into a ***

I try to open an account to send some money to my mother-in-law to Colombia. Remitly keep me during 4 days, providing all of kind personal and confidential documents and information, phone call and emails. It was incredible ridiculous and un I just wanted to send some money Colombia for a birthday gift, you will not believe, that's ridiculous because I'm not opening a bank account with them if I'm NOT withdrawing money from them, I'm just using an online company as an intermediary to send my money, however Remitly with so many questions and also confidential documentation that they have asked me which I provided immediately, I had all the patience of the world. they keeping me during 4 days sending documents and trying to give them more explanations and detail of my life. What I do? Why am traveling? When I get back? who I am sending money? Why? Where? Where I will be in 3 months? Why? What I do for a living? Why I need to travel some time? My birth detail my country origin? If I have permission to travel to certain countries, send scan of my passport, my bank statement my driven licences, the last electricity bill? Give detail of my personal phone number? and why I am in another country at the moment of sending the money.

I was thinking maybe they are thinking that I am the first man in the world that is traveling in the history? Maybe they don’t know that now people are traveling either for work or for vacations? finally after having me during 4 days stuck with this nightmare

I received an email where it says that for security questions they have cancelled the transaction and also blocked the account. Ahhh what this means.

Not even with a big corporation or bank I have so much trouble to uses or open account I open an account with Bank of America, they understood that I am Australian and my company is American and is base in U.S.A and opened my account in USA in 15 minutes. The Bank of America understood I spend more time living in other countries because my work require It, they said it is the new world, they know it….So now it will be possible for Remitly to made people waste time put them is a stress like a police interrogation and after getting so much confidential information, then this company Remitly, tell you that they do not accept your transaction? Thank you but , without any reason, Let me explain clearly that THEY DID NOT give any reason for why they cancel he transition , but whatever reason they may have why it is not addressed during the personal phone call with me, I was very open for anything they need to get the thing done, but now I am happy the this tramitation is finished because during 4 days I was subjected to a terrible interrogation, I felt abused and submitted to respond sensitive things, after that 40 minute call with Remitly I felt manipulated and emotionally trampled, My friends, I do not exaggerate at all, they subject you to an interrogation that seems to be for the purpose of that you break emotionally, you think you have to answer those things, you have never been asked in the banks, or in serious institutions, probably your psychologist could ask you those questions for a very rigorous test to see if you have killed someone and see if you have alibi, but not in this type of virtual institutions as Remitly that I would not have the right to subject clients to this horrible questionnaire and incredible pressure to approve a transaction of 150 dollars that you want to send to your elderly mother-in-law. although I was very patient and I answered everything and I also did everything that they told me now I feel used and manipulated, in truth it is an experience that I do not wish to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Remitly Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Rates.

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To send them to h...! then the lady told me everything was OK today I keep getting emails from them saying that I have to call them so I can fully complete my identity process I no longer trust him I do not know if they are hackers or if they are real so I just called my bank and asked them to freeze any release of funds . They stink don’t try them unless you want to turn your liver into a basket of bile!!

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